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Asthma in Pasadena, TX

TX Pediatric Doctor Skilled in Infectious and Respiratory Diseases

Pasadena, TX, is home to AFB Pediatrics. Dr. Aldo Bejarano is our skilled, board-certified pediatric medical doctor who diagnoses and treats many children with allergies and asthma and is here today to discuss this condition. Our practice provides many child health services, including diagnosing, treating, and managing respiratory disease processes in children.

Respiratory Disease and Allergies

If your child has signs and symptoms of respiratory problems, they may or may not be related to allergens. This disease is a lung disease for which there is no cure. 

When airways swell and narrow due to blocked excess mucus, your child becomes wheezy and finds inhaling and exhaling oxygen challenging. This excess mucus buildup causes inflammation and bronchospasms. However, when symptoms are well-managed, your child can live a long and vibrant life free of symptoms. 

AFB Pediatrics in Pasadena, TX, says asthma develops in a child, usually before age five, or presents as adult-onset. Types include exercise-induced, occupational, or COPD overlap syndrome. All of these types make it difficult to breathe oxygen into the lungs. Causes could include,

  • Allergies
  • Environmental factors
  • Genetics
  • Respiratory infections

Common Triggers, Signs and Symptoms

When your child comes in contact with a substance or allergen that irritates their lungs, they can develop this condition. When you know the triggers, you can help your child avoid an attack. Common triggers include exercise, mold/mildew, dust mites, animal dander, air pollution, smoke, chemicals, pest infestations, smells, and occupational exposure.  The signs and symptoms closely mimic a respiratory infection. Symptoms can change with every attack and can be mild to severe, depending on the allergen and situation. Your child could have one or all of the more common symptoms. 

  • Chest tightness
  • Chest pain, pressure
  • Shortness of breath
  • Wheezing
  • Panic

While allergies can trigger an attack, you may or may not know the allergen, and we can test for the most common allergens and diagnose this condition correctly. We can help you manage your child's attacks with medication and lifestyle changes through allergy testing. 

Allergies present an exhaustive list of allergens from environmental, food, beverages, additives, preservatives, dyes, and exercise-induced, and the list is endless. We can narrow this list down and make your child more comfortable. Each allergen may trigger different symptoms. Treating childhood respiratory problems in Texas 

Don't let the signs and symptoms of asthma decrease your child's quality of life. Treat your child's respiratory problems by calling Dr. Bejarano at AFB Pediatrics in Pasadena, TX, at (832) 386-9200 and schedule your child's appointment. 

While we provide many pediatric services, our doctor is an expert in infectious and respiratory diseases and increasing the quality of life of a child with respiratory problems.

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