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Sick Child Visits

Sick Child Visits in Pasadena TX

When to Visit the Pediatrician if Your Child is Sick

As a parent, it can be hard when your children are little, as they cannot speak yet to tell you what hurts. It is helpful to have an excellent medical team, like Dr. Aldo Bejarano, our skilled pediatric medical doctor, and his staff at AFB Pediatrics located in Pasadena, TX, to call for sick child visits and tell you when these visits are necessary.

A sick visit should take place when your child is showing signs that their illness is progressively worsening and shows no signs of improvement. 

Common Childhood Illnesses

When you are a parent, your child will become ill sooner or later. It can be challenging to know when to call for sick child visits at AFB Pediatrics located in Pasadena, TX. Below are a few childhood illnesses from our list of the more common childhood illnesses.

  • Common Cold - This illness often gets mixed up with influenza as the signs can be similar. Sneezing, runny/stuffy nose, fever, cough, and excess mucus are hallmarks of a cold. A visit to our doctor may be necessary if your child's fever lasts longer than four days, the symptoms do not go away after two weeks, or your child is having trouble breathing.
  • Influenza - This virus has many of the same symptoms as a cold but is usually accompanied by aches/chills, a bad headache, fatigue, and, most often, some respiratory issues. Like a cold, influenza can last up to two weeks with lingering fatigue. Schedule a visit with our doctor if your child has more difficulty breathing, a fever above 103 degrees, lethargy, or persistent dehydration.
  • Middle Ear Infection - According to Dr. Bejarano of AFB Pediatrics in Pasadena, TX, ear infections are a common childhood illness. Characterized by irritability, fever, tiredness, and rubbing ears, a virus or bacteria causes a middle ear infection. A virus or bacteria causes this illness. Your child should see our doctor if they are running a fever over 103 degrees, have pus or discharge from the ear, or if there is hearing loss in the affected ear.
  • Strep Throat - is caused by a virus or bacteria. This illness causes a worsening sore throat that becomes hard to swallow. Strep may also cause a dry or scratchy throat, runny nose, fever, or bigger lymph nodes in the throat. Schedule a visit with our doctor if your child has blood in their saliva, difficulty breathing/swallowing, dehydration, rash, or joint swelling. 

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Knowing when to call Dr. Bejarano for your sick child visit is essential for timely care and increasingly good health. Call AFB Pediatrics Pasadena, TX, at (832) 386-9200.

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